Borneo Chic’s 5th Anniversary

13015547_10209880853764526_1203060218981502141_nJAKARTA, Indonesia – On its 5th anniversary, Borneo Chic showcased a new collection of bags and clothes that offer a wide variation of local ethnic textiles in modern designs. An event was held in Kekun Café, Jalan Bangka Raya No. 99 A-South Jakarta. The new Borneo Chic collection is a collective masterpiece of over 400 traditional Dayak artisans, most of which are women who live around the forest of Borneo.

13015112_10209880902765751_4837694232758626656_n-768x535However, this rich heritage of weaving and local knowledge are now being threatened due to rapid forest loss and degradation in which these weavers live in. This predicament results to a tepid appreciation and respect for the traditional art of Dayak weaving. As a response, Borneo Chic aims to lift the Dayak traditional crafts from rattan and bemban as a fashion product that not only promotes their cultural identity but also informs the general public about the threats that are happening in the Borneo forests.

12994306_10209880902085734_3833257670849784504_n-768x511The Borneo Chic brand promotes sustainable forest management along with the development of alternative sources of income for the Dayak community. Its strategy is to promote the Dayak products as a”modern-heritage handbag line” along the values of excellent quality, unique artisan skills, intricate workmanship, eco- friendly, culturally respective, all for a good cause.

As a form of gratitude and appreciation to those who have supported the success of Borneo Chic in its five years of existence, Borneo Chic held an event that was participated by government representatives, business partners and loyal customers of Borneo Chic. Present in this activity is its guest of honor, Kornelia Meilinda Betsyeba, finalist of Puteri Indonesia 2016 from West Kalimantan, who said “Borneo Chic helps preserve and promote the culture and tradition of Dayak from Kalimantan.”


Photo courtesy of Wahyu Widhi

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